In this ebook you will discover simple tips about being a mum :

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    Breastfeeding Secrets and Tips for Starting Your Baby on Solid Food.
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    Drooling and Teething :Strategies to Decrease Drooling, What Teething Milestones Parents Should Expect.
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    All about Baby Sleep : CIRCADIAN RHYTHM Body Clock what it is and what it does. 8 Infant Sleep Facts Every Mom Should Know.
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    How to massage your baby.

¡HI! My name is Lory

 I am Wellness Coach , wife and mother of 3 kids : Robert ,Denisa and Iustin ,we are living in a beautiful country in Spain and I am really excited to tell about what it was for me this new experience .

It is not easy to become mother for the first time. Your new role brings with you responsibilities that can overwhelm you.

You can always feel the need for advice, ideas on how to maintain your relationship with your partner and how to build a strong relationship between you and your child .

In time you will learn how to educate your child, how to go on the fine line of love and autonomy, confidentiality and intimacy and keep your family in balance!

Therefore, my experience with the first baby and the second baby and the third baby were not the same and that is why my life before have children is totally different. 

Some things become memories and some actions become difficult. 

But surely my life and Yours like the others mommies will be much richer from now on and worth the effort.

What are they saying about the EBOOK


Thank you . I downloaded this e-book and I am very excited ,I discovered some tips and tricks about feeding and how to massage my baby  and now he is sleeping more quietly.



I have two small children. This book has become a desktop for me. I followed her advices and I am  very happy my babies are sleeping all the night! Thanks  Lory



Love Lory's book. Very informative and well written. Lots of great information. A must read for expecting mothers.


For everyone greeting an infant into his or her life, now or in the future, this book is written for you. Whether you are a biological parent, a surrogate parent, a foster parent, day care provider, or an extended family member, the word “parent” will be used interchangeably to mean “YOU.” This book will show you an easy way you can develop a lifelong, loving connection with your baby .

A baby enters in your life and fills a place in your heart ,a place you never knew was empty.



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